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Plumbing in Mid-Hudson Valley, NY

Plumbing has been in the Perry blood for many, many years. We have all of your plumbing needs covered in Mid-Hudson Valley and beyond. Our technicians utilize the latest technology to provide the same dependable and knowledgeable service that we have always provided, with even better results.
Plumbing Tip
Don't use acid-based chemical drain cleaners if at all possible, these caustic chemicals can result in damaged pipes. Also, any grease liquefied will re-solidify afterwards, only the right cleaners or jetting will dissolve it entirely.
Plumbing Installation, Service, and Repair
• Full plumbing systems
• L/P & natural gas generator install
• Well pumps
• Well tanks
• Water heater (tank and tank less)
• Water/sewer main
• Frozen pipes thawed and repaired
• Gas piping
• Water softeners
• Water conditioning
• UV systems
• Sump pumps
• Kitchen/bathroom renovations
• Faucets & fixtures
• Bathtubs
• Water testing
Work Tools — Plumbing in Hudson Valley, NY
Water Valves — Plumbing in Hudson Valley, NY
Drain Cleaning
At Perry Plumbing not only can we free your drains from any clog, we can clean them.
Using the latest technology, We are able to blast through any grease or blockages with 3000psi of water pressure. Effectively disintegrating anything that gets in the way. While at the same time cleaning your pipes' walls; making them like new.
Video Inspections
Utilizing the latest technology, our technicians don't have to guess what's clogged, or where an issue is in your plumbing system.
Get More Pressure From Your Well Pump
Utilizing the latest in well pump control technology we can help you add more pressure to your home's system with your existing well pump.
Try Out A Constant Pressure Water System FREE For 3 Days!
Qualified homeowners can try out a temporary well control system FREE for 3 days. See the difference it can make in your home before you pay anything for it! No more low pressure showers while someone brushes their teeth. Up to 60psi consistent pressure is possible with a new well pump control system. Contact our office to learn more!
Finance Plumbing Emergencies & Upgrades
Call today to find out how you can finance your plumbing updates, emergencies.
Including everything from well pumps, water heaters, and water conditioning systems to full bathroom renovations!
At Perry Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., we have your plumbing needs covered. Need financing? Contact our office today. 845-534-4270
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