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Heating in Mid-Hudson Valley, NY

Viessmann products — Heating in Hudson Valley, NY
Heating Services
It's no mystery that your heating system has the greatest effect on your comfort and utility bills. As a Mid-Hudson Valley, NY heating contractor we know just how true this is. Saving you money and maintaining your comfort has always, and will always be, our top priority.
Heating Tip
Remember! Our heating systems work hard in Cornwall and the rest of the Hudson Valley. Your gas/oil boiler or furnace should be checked at least once a year by a qualified heating contractor.
Services Include:

  • Gas and oil fired boilers/furnaces installed, serviced, and repaired
  • Oil tank installation - Specializing in Roth Double Wall oil tanks
  • Radiant heating
  • Hydro-air systems
  • Service and repair all types of burners and services
Gas and Oil Boilers & Furnaces
We install and service all types and brands of boilers and furnaces. Extensive factory training and vast experience ensure there is no heating unit task that our staff of certified experts cannot complete.
Pay for Quality Now, Save $$ Later
We Specialize in High Efficiency Boilers from Viessmann. This is our preferred brand because of their continued commitment to unsurpassed quality and efficiency standards. If you pay for quality now you don't pay for problems and higher fuel use later. Call us today at 845-534-4270 to find out why a Viessmann is right for you.
Hydronic Radiant Heating
We offer new heating systems such as radiant heating and panel radiation. Radiant flooring heats you from your feet up and distributes heat in a desired manner, with the warmest air closer to the floor and coolest closer to the ceiling, with only a few degree difference between the two. Hydronic radiant heating is a great way to upgrade the heating system in a classic Newburg, New York home.
Advantages of Radiant Heat
1. The thermostat does not need to be kept as high, as it warms what is in the room, not the air itself.
2. Lower heat loss than forced air.
3. It does not dry out the air during winter; contrary to forced air which often leads to dried out breathing passages.
4. Because there is no need for air to be moved by a fan, dust and pet dander stay on the floor instead of aggravating allergies or sweeping bacteria into your lungs.
Underfloor heating — Heating in Hudson Valley, NY
Electric Boiler — Heating in Hudson Valley, NY
Why Update Your Heating System?
Older boilers can be highly inefficient, as low as 50%.
New high efficiency furnaces and boilers are as efficient as 95%
New heat distribution systems, such as radiant floor heating, maximize the efficiency of your heating system.
Don't Get Caught Cold
Perry Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers L/P and natural gas powered generator installations. Use these generators as a backup power source or emergencies.
Heating System Rebates & Savings

  • Find out more about saving money with Central Hudson
  • Are you in Orange & Rockland's service area? Take a look at some of their incentives for energy savings.
Want more reasons to update your old heating system and save money? Contact Perry Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., today! 845-534-4270
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