Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Perry's Private Home Care is named in the honor of the late Betty J. Perry, our grandmother. Betty was a kind-hearted selfless person, who always extended a helping hand in time of need. Perry's PHC put customer satisfaction at the center of our business. We recognize that superb service is dependant on an exceptional, experienced, and trustworthy team.

What is Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values?


We are committed to providing high-quality and client-centered services/care to our clients to enable them to lead dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes.  In consultation with the client and/or their family, their individual needs are carefully assessed, understood, and met through the selective assignment of qualified, honorable, and compassionate Direct Care Workers.


Our vision is to have a reputation for providing the highest standard of in-home care services by:

  • earning and maintaining our clients’ satisfaction, trust, and loyalty;

  • keeping current on the home care industry’s best practices;

  • complying with relevant government regulations;

  • providing skilled Direct Care Workers who have compassion and integrity;

  • ensuring Direct Care Workers remain competent through regular, ongoing testing and  training;

  • being known as the home care agency of choice in our area of service.


Our values focus on respecting and acknowledging clients’ individuality, rights, choice, privacy, independence, dignity, respect, and partnership. We recognize that each person has their own identity, needs, wishes, choices, beliefs, and values.

We apply our values by:

  • treating and interacting with our clients with respect, dignity, compassion, empathy, honesty, and integrity;

  • recognizing and maintaining the confidentiality of client information;

  • showing respect for all cultures, religions, ethnicities; sexual orientation, ages, gender, and disabilities;

  • working as a team with our co-workers and community resources to provide excellent care;

  • keeping our client’s health, quality of life, and well-being central in our design and delivery of services;

  • applying continuous quality improvement measures throughout our Agency.